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Welcome to the website of the
Latin American Concerns Committee!

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The committee was established to help Friends share information about projects in Latin America related to the Quaker Meetings in Pacific Yearly Meeting (PYM). These projects support education and scholarships for low income students, address the causes and effects of poverty and violence, meet basic community needs, and provide training in conflict resolution. Many offer opportunities for volunteering and for educational trips to their countries.

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to find information about three programs with close ties to Quaker meetings in Pacific Yearly Meeting:
•       Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City
•       Guatemala Scholarship Program (Progresa)
•       El Salvador Projects of Palo Alto Friends Meeting
and information about other programs that individual Quakers of PYM participate in:
•       Quaker Bolivia Link
•       Walk with Earth (Caminata por la Tierra)
•       AFSC program in Colombia
•       ProNica, etc.

This is a bilingual site. You may select your language on the upper right.

Unprogrammed Quaker meetings in Latin America are listed as well. We hope this information will be useful to you.

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